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A well-crafted work is not always loud. I’ve often found it more delightful to stumble upon the understated, unannounced moments in a piece of theatre. So that’s the kind of work I try to create.

We (often the actors, playwright, and I) explore the moments and turns of phrase in a script, shade in the moments finely, and hide the pencil marks. Sometimes we chew on the eraser on the pencil-posterior, and freak out about whether people will notice the subtleties. But we (or I with the team in tow) always come back to the belief that a light hand will do with an equal. 

Side by side, you and I can all revel in how messed up we (humans) are, and beautiful, and how electric the moments of connection, however brief, can be in the midst of our insane existence.

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'If playwright Tan, 28, is one of the most exciting of his generation, then Chen Yingxuan is his directorial equivalent. Working with a modest set, she manoeuvres the shifts in tone expertly, taking full advantage of the visual ellipses to ratchet up the suspense.'
- The Business Times, “Gems Among Plays by 20-Somethings”

'Ostensibly, it's a story about two women making small talk in a cafe. In effect, [Cafe] works like a horror film that ratchets up its tension gradually and methodically. [...] [Y]ou leave the theatre feeling like you'll never be the same person again.

- The Business Times, “BEST OF 2016 - BEST PLAYS - Deep, Diverse, Distinct”

‘[M]y ultimate shout out has to be to its young director Chen. You do feel Mosaic as a whole and I’m very sure it’s to her credit, teasing out the little nuances in the script, getting the best out of her actors.’

- Today, “S’pore Fringe Fest 2015: Mosaic’s Pieces Fit Just Right”

‘[E]qual praise must go to director Chen Yingxuan. [...] The story is essentially performed in a void: characters fumble with invisible cigarettes and search for nonexistent mosaic tiles in the sand. Their nostalgic project is a game of holding on to nothingness. As a whole, Mosaic is beautiful, admirably complex and disturbing.

- The Straits Times, “Theatre Review: Joel Tan’s Mosaic Critiques Our Obsession with the Past”

‘Director Chen does an impressive job of judging pace and blocking, and of pointing the character beats that give low­‐key, naturalistic pieces like [Mosaic] their texture.’

‐ Flying Inkpot, First Impressions (“Mosaic”, Lit Up Festival)

‘Director Chen Yingxuan shows us what a generous dose of simplicity can do. She does a wonderful job pulling together these three separate pieces by employing the same stylistic elements throughout. These tactics are both economical and refreshing.’
- Flying Inkpot, “Face to Face III: Full Circle”

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